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We all know that photography is the one thing that would make you so much happier. Well, let me tell you something, you are going to be a little uncomfortable with this. But it is really all about the frame. The front, back and front of our eyes. To own this camera or not to own this camera (in my opinion) is the question. Well, the right answer is probably an easy choice: the right answer would be to own a camera that’s great but not too good and still has some potential in pointing your camera in a new direction.

lion photography is a local, independent photography studio. We provide portraits from the UK, Ireland and Australia. We’ve received numerous awards for our work, including Best of Show at the Smart Network and Best of Show at the Big Picture Images Awards. We create all our work using Bowden Styles in London, but we do all our work on site thanks to our reservation network that allows us to schedule a studio with the exact hours and location you want.

Recently I’ve gotten some attention for my lion-related photography. In fact, it’s been reported on all over the net that I’m a lion photographer and I’m very excited to be getting paid for this. I am hoping to get $100 dollars per picture (for a total of $1,000 in my local shop) and I’d like a few more pictures in order to create an idea of what can be expected from the product once it’s okay in the shops.


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