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Parker’s is a crazy, cult-like website where people upload photos of themselves and other random stuff to share and talk about. The photography there is not terribly interesting and often times the captions fail to make sense. But, thanks to Parker’s, you get a chance to say “hey, I’m wearing this” or “this picture is beautiful!” or even “this picture was taken by Parker’s.

If you love photography for its strangeness and randomness, you don’t have to look any further. Aiming to get your readers excited about photography is easy enough, but what are you going to do if you don’t have the money yet? Well this blog has a solution. If that is the case, imagine how you would feel when you realized that there’s an Internet site dedicated to putting together a shoot or night out that has all the excitement and creativity of big city photographers but without its high price tag.

Now more than ever before, people want to know about photography. That’s because of the abundance of premium digital cameras that are rolling out to the market. With a huge number of cameras and lenses available, no one is able to predict what exactly will end up on your camera bag each week. Of course, it’s not a huge surprise how much demand exists for digital cameras these days, but is there an easy way to find one that fits our needs?. Here I’m going to introduce you to a brand new company called “” which makes it easy for you to buy your own photos online with the right lens and accessories.

I love photography, but I have never tried it before. I go to many galleries, but there are a few that are not as well-known as others. So, I decided to take some of the best shots I could find and upload them here on Flickr.

I know it’s not always easy to find photographic inspiration when you’re looking to shoot your favorite photos. But you can still find it on your blog. Look no further. Now you don’t have to be a photographer yourself or even have a camera in hand to share your photos. If you have any questions about photography, visit the Photography Discussion Forum and ask away (instructions for editing for the text can be found on the post that explains how). You’ll learn a ton about photography from other bloggers who are sharing their own experiences and tips on becoming a better photographer.


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