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Manukua is the largest education and research institute in Hawaii. They are also the first school to offer a bachelor of arts in online courses. Their mission is to create a learning environment that creates the best possible outcomes for students.

I think the most interesting thing about Manukua is that it’s an entirely private school because they are completely funded and run by their own board of trustees. The school is located in the heart of a thriving small town and their facilities are designed to be beautiful, safe, and efficient. They’re also surrounded by beautiful nature and offer lots of services to local businesses.

Manauhua Institute of Technology is the kind of school that you would think would be the dream school for most students, but when you walk in, you are immediately handed a list of requirements and told to sign up and fill out paperwork. The school is also notorious for its strict adherence to academic and disciplinary practices. These strict practices include a strict dress code, strict meal schedule, and strict rules about who is allowed to attend classes and how long they can stay.


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