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Hello everyone! Just wanted to share what I’ve been doing in regards to using this website. I have been using it for about a month now and have gotten so many wonderful comments from my readers. One thing that I noticed is just how few sightings people have of me as a photographer. Everyone seems to think it’s all just amateur stuff, and most people don’t even know me or have seen my photos and videos.

As a photographer, most of my time is spent shooting still life or portraits of people at the same place. I’ll often shoot those pictures and then move on. But now, I’ve begun to look for memories that can be captured in a photograph. The reason behind this is simple: When I look at pictures from the past, I’m filled with nostalgia. Memories from my childhood and moments of feeling loved and appreciated. Those memories bring me joy. And these are also images I’d like to capture for Shout for Change in 2014.

Do you think you are the poster child for all things photo? Well, you would be correct if you thought so. We’ve got an older man and a younger woman. They are photographed side by side and captured the image that we all love to see, the perfect marriage of style and intellect. The woman’s beauty can be seen in every pore of her face as if she were watching the camera when it clicked. She is a beauty of stunning proportions who can still appear down to earth but is too fit to walk without a Bluetooth audio converter strapped around waist. The guy on the other hand seems more like he had his ear pierced once because he looks like he’d been given a lot of just-needed eye makeup.

Remember those old school cameras? Well we sure do. We still have the same memories of all those Facebook and Instagram photos, but what if they could hold the memories and put them to good use? Imagine being able to capture memories of your childhood, so you can shoot your friends pictures while they are sleeping (called atensio) or just as you look ahead in the day. So now if you want to send a photo to your friends, you can record how long it will take them to wake up by simply setting the photos timer just like that old camera was designed for. This is why we need sensors on our phones and tablets so that we can be able to connect them with our camera and record things instantly.

Remember when you looked at the picture of this girl and thought, “Holy moly. This chick looks just like me.” Well, check out my original picture above. You may have noticed a few wrinkles on that girl’s forehead but the main thing is she looks exactly like you. Her name is Kelly and everyone in my life knows her by her first name, Kelly. But we’ve never been able to express exactly how smart we are by naming our friends before we started dating them. I’m sure you’re thinking, “Wow, I guess I’m just lucky that no one else can recognize me from personal pictures.

I’d like for you to take a look at something else. I know it can be hard to remember things in the present, but how about the past?. Well now you can, with a traditional scanner and projector capable of recording images into a memory chip in your phone or tablet. You can see pictures from years ago on your Google Maps, or even see pictures from other people’s memory of what they’re doing right now. Whilst that sounds cool, it would be really cool if it could also record pictures from other people’s smartphones.

Memory lane photography, what better way to reminisce on those memories than this fascinating site. Memory lane photographs are an online photo gallery of all the things you have done in the past. As a photographer I can see that these images are quite personal, and truly amazing to look at. You will be able to see the different styles of photography that I have made and then share which style you would enjoy most.

It’s been awhile since I have posted a blog, but it seems that the years I have posted have been good for me. I recently sold my home and moved to a new place in Sussex, PA, which brings us to another place that I am now looking forward to returning to.

Imagine a world where you could take pictures of everyone you know in person. The possibilities are endless and I’m hoping to be able to do that one day. I’m planning on filming my entire family one by one so I can show them off to you all. You’re going to be blown away by what’s possible with it. I’m working on developing some new technology which would allow me to buy multiple cameras and then ones that would automatically focus on your picture only. This way, even if they get lost in the crowd, they wouldn’t lose a single detail of your face or body.

The world is full of people who love their photos and the more accurate and more flattering your photos turn out, the more you’ll love your photos. But how often do you feel that quality photos always get preserved? That’s why we were thrilled to be chosen as one of the Top 50 Photography Company in America.


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