How can you use your phone to merge photos and videos of an event? Join us for the first ever conference about mobile photography…Join the 50+ photographers, filmmakers and others at the Sustainable Mobile Photography Conference to meet and exchange ideas about how you can use your phone for better photography…More than Photographers: The conference is motivated by a commitment to “sharing what we all love” in order to help photographers share their work and make it a standard.

join me in the digital age. I want to produce a wonderful set of photos that will help you improve your business, boost your social skills, and learn from all the world’s best photographers all in one place. And if you don’t remember, I’m going to hold my hat to them. I’m selling my old Nikon D500 and have in my possession a brand new Nikon Coolpix S700 DSLR camera. In that case, when you buy your first set of these photos from me, I’m asking for a $100 gift card (including shipping).

Why not add some fun to a boring day by going into the photo booth and taking some photos? It’s an easy way to jazz up your routine. The idea behind this project is to put together a photo booth, a glass table and chairs, a projector and of course, which photos you would like to take. This project is all done on Auto-eXplore based technology and you can use any camera you like. You can even upload images of your prints to help other photographers make comparisons with the projects you’ve already made.


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