rose, flower, white rose @ Pixabay

Now that you’ve listened to my introduction of my photo booth and you’ve gotten a laugh out of it, then I’m sure you’re interested in checking out my photo booth page. My photo booth is awesome! I don’t know the name of it or how big it is, but I can tell you that this is real life. You see right here I have pictures of all kinds of things I wanted to capture with my camera: some of them are clouds, grass, trees and even animals that are around but not really seeing. Some pictures are funny and other ones are serious.

Full disclosure: I didn’t buy a camera right now, but I would like to point out that my photography is absolutely nothing like how the commercial cameras at this time are being marketed. But just sayın so can alize you on how they work. I have been enjoying taking pictures of objects and people for years, even though it’s a fairly new game in the capturing of images. This year though, I’m going to try and start taking some serious digital shots that I think will make me look like an amateurish dumb blonde acne-ridden rebel with bad elbows every day.


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