neon photography

Neon photography is all about the trends. We know that spring means sunshine, but what about winter and snow? If you have a ton of photos of your winter’s activities with fresh leaves and snow on your windows then you’ve probably seen the trend and probably pulled out the same photo a hundred times before. This year we’re giving you the power to alter your photos to your liking. Just come up with some new photos and be rewarded for it with an amateur look for free.

Neon photography is a form of photography that uses flash instead of an actual lens. This can be used to create unique and unique images, amazing against the dark, or great with the exact shadows you want. Neon photography works by using ONLY the light from the flash to create a striking image. It is created through the application of photo editing software or a company’s own guidelines. Neon photography can also be used just for fun or as a way to make some extra money.

This blog is about the things that makes people happy. We are all the same, we have the same enough in our lives, but we have different ways of preparing and eating. On a daily basis, I find myself doing stereotypical things that put me to sleep. One of my goals over the years has been to get better at recognizing this life-changing habit and creating better food options and experiences for myself to experience life on a deeper level. A few weeks ago, I had a digital poster of an old family photo stuck in my fridge, which I had heard about from someone who I trust, who is an accountant with experience in digital advertising.


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