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I’m about to introduce you to the world of newborn photography outfits. I’m a Mama and mother of a newborn daughter. I have seen so many amazing things from photographers in the past, but nothing came close to being super awesome. The only problem with this is that I have no idea what those outfits look like and what the best way to carry them out of our house is. About 25% of newborns end up sleeping for the first couple hours, which makes it hard for me to focus on my newborn photography efforts.

Let’s face it, parents and grandparents are usually the first ones in your life to tell you what to wear for naptime. It seems like something everyone needs or wants to do at least once a year, but have you ever heard of newborn photography outfits? These outfits help you capture that special moment in your child’s life and give us all a peek into the world of newborn photography. We think these outfits are so cute! It’s like having a little celebrity photographer in your arms as you nurse your baby.

We all have had our own moments in life where we just didn’t know what to do with ourselves. Nothing was better than having a newborn, but it was also time to share all the fun that can be had in the moment. We have been fortunate enough to capture some of these moments on camera. These photos were taken by two different people, when they are still in their first moments of consciousness and may not be pregnant or even born yet. The photos are going to be an inspiration for all those moms out there who want to share their magic with their babies.

How many times does your newborn daughter or son see this? I am the mother of Hannah. She was a human being for about 2 years and her sister was a dog for about another month before she came into the world. As soon as she was born, I had my first thoughts on how to take some awesome pictures of her and how to do something so special to her. They were really fun to capture her little face and all of her little movements as she changed from dog to human. And now, HBD heads over to Instagram and retakes these photos by herself. This is what makes these photos unique. It shows the little details of someone who has been through so much that they are prepared for everything that comes their way.


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