Ondispot Photography

Ondispot Photography is a photo business that provides quality, affordable photography for both professional and amateur photographers. The company function their business in around the world and shot photos in 43 countries. Their portfolio of images ranges from beautiful landscapes, to portraiture and still life shots to portraits. Ondispot Photography has been featured on Amazon, Adorama, Vogue, Glamour and many other sites using their unique style & style photography.

Ondispot is a new way to preserve your photography. Ondispot is a company that provides online storage for second-screen photos as well as a cloud-based backup service for both personal and professional use. For example, you can use your phone’s camera to take a picture of a friend’s dog and share it on social media. You can also take videos and upload them to Facebook and Instagram, with Ondispot presenting the original photos against a black backdrop of white text.

Here in the Philippines I have an amazing photo business. If you follow my blog or Instagram account, you already know that I am a photographer and a videographer. That is why many people who visit the Philippines follow me on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and all of those other social media platforms to find out more about my photography business. This is why I decided to write a blog post.

ondispot photography is a photography startup based in New York City and it is quickly gaining traction on the international photography community. Ondispot is an online photo-sharing platform that enables individuals to share photos from their cellphones on a microblogging platform, as well as where and when they took the photo. This campaign aims to serve up to 10 million users on a daily basis by the end of 2017, a move that will bring In…

If you love to take photos with your smartphone, and you’ve never tried out an Android phone, why wouldn’t you? First of all, they are small and light weight, so it’s incredibly portable. But when it comes to taking shots with the phone’s camera, the lag between the camera software and the phone can make or break a shot. Ondispot photography has been named one of the best smartphones for taking shots on your phone.

If you don’t know what the word “dispot” means, well it’s a small unit of measure used in photography. The term originated from the Japanese to mean a lens that takes multiple exposures taken at once. But now you can find tiny diodes scattered around the globe and they are called “disposable.” They aren’t exactly required by law, but they do make good souvenir photos. They come in different sizes, shapes and lengths so you can experiment with them wherever you go.

Ondispot is a company that is merging the elements of photography, music and art. They focus on displaying digital images on a film, which gives you moments of beauty and nostalgia in their photos. Their primary social media platforms support their Kickstarter campaign (They now have four), Instagram and Facebook. As of this writing, they’re still trying to raise $10,000 to fund their production facility and continue working with artists in Romania.

Ondispot is a photographer and a photographer’s photographer. This blog focuses on capturing photos with our phone, which we use daily to validate the quality of the work we do. We hope to inspire you to use your phone as a creative tool for both lighting and composition.


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