Pacific Northwest Photography

Tell us about your company, Pacific Northwest Photography. Well it turns out that the founders were kids who grew up in the Pacific Northwest of America. Well it turned out to be a pretty cool life that we had here at the Oregon Coast . Where many people call home and work due to the abundance of land and water with which to take photos at sea and land. We’re lucky to have such a beautiful place to live in, Oregon, for photographers.

If you’re in the northwest part of the U.S., you’ll know it’s pretty common to find someone taking photos everywhere and especially on our favorite American Family. But, if you’re looking for a new way to put your camera in a great place to capture the moment you want, then Pacific Northwest Photography has something for you. These beautiful images will be available to view online soon and the photos will be “live” at birthdays, holidays, and more. A couple of years ago people were just beginning to realize that taking pictures underwater was fun and now we can utilize that knowledge in various applications including mobile phones (think iPhone or Google Android) or even mass transit (think carpooling).


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