christmas, christmas background, bokeh @ Pixabay

I guess this is the perfect chance to show you all how much I think about pet photography. So many people always seem to look at my photos and think, “What did I do?” But now I’ve decided to go back and really do it. I’m going to show you what pet photography is all about. Here’s a sample of three different photos that I took with my poodle/terrier, Joker.

Pet photography contest 2015. I’ve been blogging about photography for a while now, but I always felt like maybe it was not as popular as it should be. Pet adoption is a massive pain and while I do have some readers, the vast majority of people are more into dogs than they are into pets. So my recent blog post “Pet Photographer Online – An Easy Way For Dogs & Pet Owners To Build A Peer Pressure Mindset” really spoke to me on this new trend in photography, and I’ve put together a small list of articles I found helpful to help you get started.


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