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There is a shortage of technology companies out there that specialize in making photography. If you read this blog, then you know how frustrating it can be trying to find someone who is willing to spend time talking about their business in a blog format. So, I have decided to create a blog with a collection of books and research from industry leaders that are relevant to the photography industry and photographers.

I’m sure you’ve heard about Instagram, but there’s a lot of other online platforms that outdo it. If you don’t know what an Instagram is, then I’m sure you’re wondering what it’s all about. It’s basically a single fan group or group of fans that rally around the same person or company. And I think the power of this platform is what makes it so effective. Telling your story, sharing photos of your life, buying products and renting space in our social networks really make all the difference when we’re sharing candid photos of our lives with others. Take a look at this great advice from one of our fb friends: “It’s like wearing a hat when you don’t have one.


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