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Photography is hard. I don’t want to go into details or give a detailed explanation, but I will give you one thing that you need to know. Photography is a funny thing. The camera takes all the elements of our life (person, background, lighting and so on) and makes it all super complex. When people take photographs at home or in the office or on their phone, this is not entirely accurate. It has a certain quality that makes it all so beautiful.

A user in this blog, LuLu, is making funny pictures on Instagram. The teenager luLu is an artist who creates pictures and hilarious drawings that are funny and entertaining. LuLu’s style of art is quite unique. If you really want to see one of his drawings, you can tell the developer if the image matches your expectations.

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Since the 1960’s there have been a few people who have asked me “How can I produce better photographs without having to convert my studio space into a basement? What can I do?” The answer was this.


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