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You are in a position to make an impact on the world, but where did you start? Recently I’ve been reading interviews with some photographers that share their thoughts on what lenses to choose and how to go about it. It’s fun to read about someone hearing from someone else and learning from their experience with a particular lens. As I get closer to buying a new camera, I’m going to get even more excited about the quality of my gear and getting photos taken every day. The one thing I can’t tell you how I know this is because of talking with other photographers before I buy my first camera.

Have you ever heard of a job that is more than just a photo. If so, thank our favorite photographer, Nicholas Follis. He’s a local man who’s been shooting pictures of people for more than half a decade now. You can find him either sitting at his desk or on the street with his camera rolling along with his┬ábeautifully photographed life so far. There is no doubt that he has a great eye for the world of photography and it shows. You can find him professional and casual all over the land because he understands that what we shoot should reflect our mood, emotions, and personalities instead of being “shot in the street.” That’s why you can trust these photos as your guide to photographers everywhere.

Photography is a part of our life that we happily embrace. But how can you get any job in the field when you don’t have a camera or even a flash bulb? Well, the answer is simple, you need glasses. And if you want to get an internship at one of the top local photography studios in Utah, well, I’ll be your first port of call. It’s very important that you take advantage of this opportunity and make the most out of it.

You’ve heard about photojournalism and the images that everyday people take, but there are thousands of jobs out there waiting for aspiring photographers. It can be a challenge to find those job ads online, but through the use of social media platforms like Instagram, you can find an abundance of potential jobs in utah. The internet has also given aspiring photographers an outlet to post their photographs and earn cash to support their families. Blogging is your best bet for finding future opportunities as well as new projects to pursue in utah.

We’ve all heard the saying that ‘a camera is worth a thousand words’ and loads of photographers have been talking about hiring for photo editing jobs, but what are they really saying?. We can’t all be the next Andre Rene Megias, but we all still have to get the word out to find a job in this rapidly growing field. New technology like drones, drones which fly above, and drones which hover over the ground are starting to roll out and these type of new jobs are where you’ll begin to see some of the fastest growing fields of photography. Tuesday there was a new article about an indie film project called ‘Photography Job in Utah’.


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