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Coloring is as simple as you can get it. Want to color pictures? – tap on a picture and you can capture a vector image for use in your software, websites, or even magazines. This vector is just one example of how anyone can customize their photo by simply choosing from a variety of choices.

Recently, my husband and I decided to try out a new activity every once in a while. What was new about it? That is because we were going to try bullfighting. We both love bullfighting, so we had no problem with this activity. But before we could get in the ring, we decided that it would be fun to shoot a picture of our grandpa with a bullfighting mask on from above. So, I did a bunch of images of him in such a way that they would look like he was being battered or stomped over on one side and then riding horses and horses on the other side. In this video, you will see me taking my camera out right as Grandpa is going into the ring.

Imagine living in the future. Now imagine, you know, taking pictures of your junk and posting them on facebook for the world to see! If that wasn’t cool enough, imagine a website where all the photos are uploaded right then and there! “Upload your own picture” is a bit of a misnomer on what our society would enjoy now day. But we’re not going to get too carried away just yet. There’ll be some things that we can’t upload but that’s one of the things I’m going to talk about today. I’m gonna create a “five-point service system” where people can post their photos on Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform they choose.

The world has changed since the early days of photography. While many of us use digital technology now, the early pioneers of digital cameras used film. With the rise in technology and the market for high quality, high resolution digital cameras, the price has dropped dramatically making it very affordable for people to purchase a camera. Thanks to this “digital divide” between those who have access to higher quality cameras and are able to take better pictures and more advanced techniques, I am privileged to be able to showcase some of my favorite lenses.

Use these free vectors to create your own.


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