The official authorities investigation concluded the redness was brought on by algal spores that had by some means been swept up into the environment. The report also said that there was no mud of meteoric, volcanic or desert origin present in the rainwater, and that the colour of the rainwater was not as a result of any dissolved gases or pollutants. The report instructed that heavy rains in Kerala in the weeks previous the purple rains could have triggered the widespread progress of lichens, which had given rise to a large amount of spores in the atmosphere. However, it found no definite mechanism for the apparent extraordinary dispersal of the suspect spores, nor for the uptake of the suspect spores into clouds.

In 2003 Godfrey Louis and Santhosh Kumar, physicists on the Mahatma Gandhi University in Kottayam, Kerala, posted an article entitled “Cometary panspermia explains the pink rain of Kerala” in the non-peer reviewed arXiv website. While the CESS report said there was no obvious relationship between the loud sound and flash of sunshine which preceded the purple rain, to Louis and Kumar it was a key piece of proof. They proposed that a meteor brought on the sound and flash and when it disintegrated over Kerala it released the pink particles which slowly fell to the ground.

They theorised that torrential rains within the days leading up to the occasions triggered in depth lichen improvement, increasing the number of spores in the air. While this was their greatest estimate, they believed it was inconceivable that the lichens would launch enough spores on the similar time to account for the colourful rain. They had been additionally perplexed as to how the spores might have ascended so excessive in the sky when no nearby latest climate event appeared to have produced such a surge. Louis and Kumar “New biology of purple rain extremophiles show cometary panspermia.”Retrieved February 21, 2008. Louis and Kumar made their first publication of their discovering on a website in 2003, and have presented papers at conferences and in astrophysics magazines a number of times since.

Our payment security system encrypts your data during transmission. We don’t share your bank card details with third-party sellers, and we don’t promote your information to others. “This is as a result of there’s a higher focus of sand in a brief bathe,” says Eden. “Heavier, more prolonged rainfall merely finally ends up washing away the residue.”

Louis then incorrectly reported on 29 August 2010 in the non-peer reviewed online physics archive “” that they were able to have these cells “reproduce” when incubated at excessive stress saturated steam at 121 °C for up to two hours. Their conclusion is that these cells reproduced, without daniele bernfeld DNA, at temperatures higher than any identified life kind on earth is ready to. They claimed that the cells, nevertheless, were unable to reproduce at temperatures just like identified organisms.