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People who believe in the power of photography are often disappointed when they try to make money with it. There are endless ways to capture images of whatever you want, but not every photo you want is going to turn out as you had hoped. This blog is a great way for you to get your photos printed, regardless if it’s a still image or a motion picture.

This is how fashion bloggers can get their foot in the game. pips photography, a photography resource and social network, is not only one of the largest photography communities on the internet but they also offer clients a more professional experience by providing image services via an ad-supported model. They also provide a full service business model which allows clients to charge an hourly or monthly subscription fee according to ability to produce images that are affordable and affordable to purchase on their website. Currently there are 600 photographers paying an hourly rate but growing rapidly with the impending launch of their first of two campaigns.

Watch this video to learn how pips photography works.


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