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Tech-savvy wedding photographers are looking for the next generation in wedding photography. Find out about full-frame and fixed type cameras, annealing techniques and more. The new full-frame cameras are designed to deliver the ability to capture high-quality images. Wedding photographers love the versatility of both fixed and full-frame cameras. Full-frame means that you can adjust the exposure settings from a distance, which makes focusing on a specific part of the scene easier, but also makes it easier to crop your photos.

This blog is about professional wedding photography. This blog is for photographers who love to photograph weddings and weddings with children. I am a mother of two, one who loves to photograph babies, the other son loves to shoot children so I try to balance the two sides of our relationship. Wedding photography brings out the best in my son and vice versa. You see, that’s what we do! Whether you are a photographer who loves kids or a photographer who prefers shooting people you can use this blog as your guide when it comes to wedding photography.


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