I’m a Project Manager at a company that supports the Manufacturing sector. I have recently started my own small business based on photography and film processing, so I’ve been interested in getting into photography since I was first exposed to it during high school. One of the first things I learned that other photographers are doing is how to use digital files in film processing systems. I had always thought that they were all either grainy or compression bad, but never had the knowledge or inclination to do something with them.

A while back I wrote on my personal blog about the time I went on vacation with a friend, where I was sick and when we got home, my friend called me a “loser” because she had put my hair in the shower. And to make things worse, she wanted to do something about it, so she told me to “go down on her.” But this happened not just once but many times after that. And when it happened in front of a 100 people? She wanted me to “let her know how much I liked her.

Rainbow photography is the perfect way to photograph the sky and of course, the colors are visually stunning. It’s a very enjoyable hobby that you can do for about an hour or 2 when you get home from work. When I discovered this new photography site, I downloaded a free app on my phone and began snapping away. The app allows you to control the speed and features of your images with one swipe. I had to stop and think why I was doing this but now I’m thinking, “I Want To Be A Photo Genius.

We’ve been told that black and white photography has become boring. But I disagree. We can see the rainbow in those beautiful colors and see huge images of size, gravity, light and movement all together. Now don’t get me wrong, there are great black and white photos too, but where I can take advantage of the perfect lighting and composition is with a rainbow-themed filter. Here’s how: Apply a filter called “rainbow”. (I use the Filterfly Lava) Load your camera into RAW mode by pressing the “Brush” button on your camera’s shutter release. Then take a photo to develop the photo in the RAW file. Use this photo to illustrate the idea of “rainbows.

I have something to tell … and I need your help. Why are you engineers? Don’t you like design? You may be a great designer, but you’re not a great engineer. Over the past 10 years, I’ve been building video cameras that you can use to take pictures of living things (bacteria, worms, etc.) and then my friends send me the images to make my videos better. But at what cost to the environment? The answer is: too expensive. Create a project that will give me the image I need without needing to worry about waste, pollution or dangerous chemicals in any way.

What would a photographer’s new job be? Well, the answer is, “tell the world your photographic adventures” and the first thing they want to know is your hometown. When they ask you to take pictures in downtown Karachi, they’ll show you pictures of beautiful architecture, great people, and amazing views. The best part is, what they get out of this job is you and your family member get to create a story together like 90% of the world has already done. Then it goes on to show them images taken off a smartphone. You don’t have to spend time with them and build up a relationship because you’re only seeing what their eyes can see.

Come to my blog. I am a photographer and I’ve always thought that my images could be of magic. These days, I’m looking for a way to capture a moment in time with an exciting and calming image. So, that’s exactly what I came up with. And the result is this series of posts. Each picture shows the emotion of what happens to my mind in certain situations, most often when you’re working, or doing something really important. But if you look at the pictures below, you can see that the image has a natural feel to it so it feels like you are there inside of it being captured.


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