rose, flower, white rose @ Pixabay

Are you looking for a way to document your daily adventures? Well look no further. We’ve got a new service that puts you in control of the image captured. Reeds photography is all about taking pictures of what you see and editing them using a photo editor using images that are taken directly from the sky, your smartphone screen, or even the person you’re with. How cool is that? As a photographer and a videographer, it’s super convenient to have this kind of control on your camera every time. I know, I have been doing it a lot. Created by photographer Paul McClure, Reeds has come up with a neat idea to help photographers make art that actually makes sense in real life.

Reeds photography is a digital photo and video studio located in the mid-west. We have many talented photographers who do take great pictures of our site and other areas of the city. Check out some of the photos on our website to see what others have uploaded recently.


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