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Relation photography is all about showing your family and friends a side of you that they didn’t know existed. Some would say it’s the “new face,” but I’m not so sure. You may never get to see the full face of your family and friends, but why not share that smile with them? Nothing says “I love you” or “I’m happy to see you” like a picture of a smile. Now I don’t think I need to go into much detail on this idea as it’s well understood by people who are forced to share their facial expressions with the world every day. Anyway, whatever photo you want, it will probably be like this.

I am a photographer who works with high-quality, high-speed equipment. When I set my focus on an object, I only take pictures that portray the idea of the object in a way that will be as close to reality as possible. Relationships are big opportunities for me, so I work hard to capture images that reflect how we feel and how we interact with each other. When I look at images of two people having coffee together it’s always very special and a really great photo.

Do you know how to take a photo? Or maybe you’ve seen a few photos of men and women smoking in public or in couples.


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