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Last year was a significant year for Techno-Art, a monthly feature on the Techno-Art blog on the Techno-Art social media site. If you have been following the Techno-Art blog for the past few years you will know that I am very opinionated about things like photography and if it can be explained better in a more visual rather than a text form. Well here is my first post on replay photography. This interactive piece of photography can be viewed in its entirety by clicking on the image or below to view every part of the story.

‘Replay Photography’ is a company that allows you to take your photos and share them with everybody. People will love how personable and easy this is to do. Yeah, you can upload whatever you want, but you have to know the person who’s going to see it, and they have to know the person who’s going to publish it. So let’s combine those two things and create an interactive experience.

Well this is a great way to use your phone for photography. A friend of mine has brought his iPhone 5c and he’s been using it daily to take pictures of people, with the shutter button on the side so you can’t really see anything. This photo was taken while he’s making coffee in front of a window at work, but it’s not the only time I’ve seen him use his phone. He wants you to know that he loves photography, and that was what prompted me to start looking into video recording and posting.

Replay photography is a collaboration of three photographers who go out and shoot each other’s photos. More people are taking to social media in an attempt to capture the very moment and capture our lives. A look at their lives can sometimes be missed. What if we could do that? We know there are different types of lighting and type of camera, but what about the type, or style, you would like to have in your photo? I had been shooting photos that were quite different so I wanted to create a style that wasn’t going to be as common or associated with what I was doing. In my experiment, I captured these amazing shots in a variety of situations such as in my office and on public streets, parks and beaches.


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