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Hi guys, I’m riskpicker. I think we men are tired old men and this is an opportunity to prove our worth to them. Because I know that there might be a lot of things that I can do better than they could, but I also know that I cannot carry an automatic gun or beat people with my bare hands.. This is when the world would be a better place. So whenever a woman you care about comes down to ask me for a photo, please don’t hesitate. If she’s not perceptive enough just say no because if you say yes, you will get to see her in the flesh in all her glory and it will be amazing.

We all know that the internet is full of amazing photography. But have you ever thought about how it’s changing the way we shop and view a world around us? I mean, you know how you used to see people in rows of grocery bags but now we’re seeing more and more people in groups of four or five photos rather than just one at a time. What if someone had an entire collection of images of them to look at when shopping and not just one shot taken at each purchase? Risd is about to change the way we buy.

I always wanted to be able to capture my everyday life and how I view things. Then I found a way, to do this in a more natural way. Then, it turned out that fashion is not just about actually using your hand to make things, but it really is about using your mind and your senses. The next best thing was the idea of turning photography into an art form. I’ve realized that I love taking photos and this new thing is fun and rewarding. Now, my favorite photo editing app is Risod Photography which lets you take a quick trip through 20 years of photography history on one single screen or let 5 different people in the room shoot at the same time on the same camera phone.

Haha, I wasn’t expecting to be exploring the world of photography with images like these. I was working on an art website and needed a cool photo so I commissioned this tiny guy to take some on-site shots with my DSLR camera. And now that he’s here, I hope he’ll share his thoughts on the various aspects of this wonderful practice.


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