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I have no money, I just have a camera and a computer. Now I can take high quality photos in less than an hour. All you need is Skype, Amazon or Google chat and you’re good to go. The cloud comes with its own set of features including the ability to upload images to professional sites like Vimeo, Metroboard and many more. Moreover, it’s also free for anyone to use on their mobile phone when all you need is an internet connection. The quality of the images will vary depending of what phone you use and even how much there is light in your room.

rjs photography is a photographer with a serious love for portraiture. His photographs of people take the best shots and capture their personality, but he’s not afraid to take a little liberty with his subject. RJS Photography is aimed at capturing the amazing pieces of people we meet in everyday life. 365 days of daily life and you’ll see the people who matter, the people you love, in countless portraits all over the world.

The power of photography to capture and share the beautiful world around you.


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