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We all know that rock climbing is a form of exercise, but what if the equipment used to climb the wall wasn’t your best friend. The world of rock climbing is full of technical devices and equipment that are not as easy on the eyes as you might think. One such device is the digital photography system that ROCKCALC lets you mount to your wall. With this system you are able to take pictures without having to have a tripod or a point-and-shoot camera right outside your window, which so many people overlook when they go out on their own.

Rock climbing photography is the #1 technique for capturing wonderful images of the rock. Rock climbing photography is so versatile and easy to capture that it may well be your only viable option. But you don’t have to abandon your full-time job as a photographer if you can start making a few bucks doing it. This is why I’m going to show you how to record rock climbing videos from the comfort of your own home without any equipment, or even a gym membership! The best way to explain this point is to tell you a little bit about yourself…


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