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After one year, I have become an e-artisinal photographer. My analog camera and photo editing software is now on it’s way to the market and I’m confident that we will be one of the first companies to carry HDR photography in the US. I’ve been a photographer for some time and am actually sotth with digital. But recently my digital photos have taken a big turn for digital photography. I was really curious to find out if I would get paid for taking digital photos or not.

Ron Harris Photography has been a part of fashion and celebrity forever. With over 30 years experience, Ron is the world’s most recognizable photographer. He is also one of the only people to have shot the cover of every magazine since Calvin and Hobbes (except JC Penney). Not only is this photographer in the fashion industry, he has also done portraits with celebrities and was featured on Vogue Magazine as well as on Access Hollywood with Jimmy Fallon! Ron’s work has been featured in many other publications including Forbes, GQ, among others.

Ron Harris is an Australian photographer and entrepreneur. He is an award-winning, creator of studio lighting and lighting design software, the film lab which develops the Lightroom professional editing suite and the light farm which provides cheap, high-quality light. He has also been featured on VH1’s JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Star Trek Beyond and The Walking Dead. Recently he was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in media.


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