rose, flower, white rose @ Pixabay

The rooster photography is so beautiful, yet it is a little bit sad. It’s about to change your life and change the way you view photography. When a rooster pees or poops on the roof of a building, it spreads a large cloud as it greets the eyes of the people who have beheld its poop. And when the rooster pees in front of a home, it causes shivers throughout that home.

This is like roman’s “Camera Obscura”. I saw this and thought, “why not? It’s been so long since I’ve seen a camera in a picture!” And turns out, it’s even easier than that. Rooster Photography is an online impromptu portrait photography service. In order to enter the rooster photography contest, you first need to save a picture of yourself to your phone. After you’ve done that you will be asked to designate which family member is your photographer. You can then choose the person who will handle the pictures for you or use others casually as well. You can also upload pictures from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and every other social media platform available.


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