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I LOVE hand-held cameras! I use them a lot. I just wish I could take one with me everywhere so I could take a photo of myself while walking down the street. Recently, I bought this awesome iPhone 6 plus camera that allows me to take photos from inside my vehicle without taking off the seat belt or without the camera lens fogging up. As it turns out, even though it’s 50 times stronger than my phone for most apps, there’s still some issues with connectivity between it and my phone. In fact, there’s a problem in the software that prevents it from connecting to any internet connection other than using WiFi directly.

Samuel photography is a high-end photo studio in San Francisco that features a beautiful, interior gallery space. Samuel Photography is one of the only photographers trained in this method of obtaining new photography skills, and thus has no prior experience with digital photography.

What if you could take amazing pictures of your unborn baby? Have you ever been in a mood for taking pictures of your little one, which is a completely natural thing to do at that age. Well, Samuel Photography has the perfect solution for this. You can send pictures to family and friends via Facebook, Instagram, or even through Vine or YouTube. Or use it to make fun videos to share with everyone around the world.

Today we’re talking about samuel photography, our very own photography blog. Sam is a graphic designer who works out of his studio in seattle and train for the local photography event, this is where he captures his pictures. He uses a variety of equipment including DSLR cameras, camera phones and tripod to take amazing pictures that are becoming the fashion accessory of the day.

“What would you sell to someone who doesn’t know how to take pictures?” This is one of the questions I ask my clients on the first day I meet them. The choice is simple. What would you want to see on your new photography camera? Define it in terms of what you want to share with the world, or capture it yourself? What if we get feedback from our customers and examine it? If we find that we need to add a little more, then surely your customer would love a new camera.

Samuel Photography recently released their first product, AUGUST-SHOBS. This shoe can take the top spot for “the best product in the world” for a reason – it is made of pure bamboo and has no plastic parts. This is one of the most healthy shoes on the market. These shoes feature black suede on all foot pieces and are designed to be worn in all year round. The sole is tempered carbon fiber.

is an online agency dedicated to creating and marketing high-quality images for businesses and corporations. We partner with brands like Disney, Coca-Cola, and Nike to create amazing photographs that are used as the basis for corporate communications.

‘Samuel Photography’ aims to connect people through the medium of photography. Easy, affordable, and fun, Samuel Photography is a digital picture taking app that uses the natural beauty of what is around us – such as our surroundings or the people that we come in contact with – to capture images. It is easy to download and use, and can be used anywhere without a smartphone, which makes it suitable for almost any purpose. You can take any photo you want using your camera phone or digital SLR camera but it’s not all about you. You can go out, to work or even just being yourself.

…ninny i have made a blog about making money with photography. I use my camera everyday to shoot things and show my friends stuff. I can make a documentary like film or show the 360 degree view of the world.

Samuel Photography is a startup that is looking to change the way people photograph their lives. With a new camera, they are introducing an innovating technology called the “Samuel Photo”. The Samuel Photo can be used with or without a smartphone or tablet and has a built-in screen that automatically switches between landscape and portrait mode. This means there will be no need for you to have to hold your phone up to the camera all night if you want to take pictures of any different angle, all you have to do is simply turn it on and it will adjust itself every few seconds (it’s just like using your phone).


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