rose, flower, white rose @ Pixabay

I have reviewed nearly a dozen different photography equipment and all of them are great, but for some reason I found myself taking a lot of photos with my iPhone. Now, instead of using the expensive point-and-shoot cameras, I’m using spherical lenses to capture images at which angle I can clearly see the detail. Google’s Lens is one of the most affordable options and serves as just another smartphone camera. The technology behind this lens is real; it was developed by Google itself and it uses advanced AI technology to produce truly stunning images. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with various prominent photographers who use this technology in their work, so if you’re interested in becoming an online photographer, Google’s Lens is worth a look.

I was looking for a short story that would work to great effect in a business portfolio created by @scorpionphotography, an entrepreneur and blue collar guy who’s never been one to put up with the paparazzi. So I decided to do some research and found this story. You see, if taking pictures is the best form of advertising, then I can’t imagine what people will be doing on the internet (I’m not saying this is true) if you don’t offer some form of free advertising.

I’ve been working with scorpions for a little bit since we first started my photography business about twelve years ago. Now, in this new venture, I am capturing the very unique creatures of their world and making my job easier and more enjoyable by giving you an insight into some of their curious behavior.


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