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The second week of September is in the 50’s in California. We’ve all heard the phrase “May the force be with you.” It leaves no doubt that we should all be thankful for weather like we have right now. The temperature has cooled down another few degrees and we are having both of the warmer months that Minnesota has called for. While we are getting used to this kind of weather, we should also stay active so that we don’t have to go through the change on our bodies. In addition to the mundane chores of picking up clothes from stores and cleaning our house, there are loads of things that can get done when you are in the mood to do something.

It’s all about september belle photography. This blog is about my journey of discovering the world of fashion photography. I started out simply as a camera and film enthusiast but as I would say now, I’m more of an Photography enthusiast. People are always asking me what to do with my camera, so I decided to become a photographer first and a printmaker later. I got my initial kit from Camera Gear and began taking pictures of things like people, buildings, styles and regional life all for different types of media. This is why photography has become so popular today.


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