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This quote from seth godin, founder of marketing giant, SGM, can be a great reminder of how marketers have been a part of the problem for so long.

Seth godin is a great example of someone who has a huge focus on marketing, and yet, is a very hands on guy. Seth has a big team, and yet he gets so much done. It’s also a great reminder that we should never over-promise and under-deliver, that we need to do everything we can to make sure our marketing is effective and successful, and that we also need to be very careful about marketing strategies to avoid getting burned by failure.

Seth’s marketing company, Godin Marketing, was started by a guy named Seth Godin. Seth is one of the pioneers of modern marketing, and while he’s still a pioneer, he’s one of the smartest marketers of all time. While Seth has been very successful in his marketing career, he’s also incredibly effective. He has a firm belief in the marketing power of passion, and has spent his entire career building a brand around that.

In his article on marketing strategies for success, Seth lays out a very simple and effective marketing strategy that should be taken to heart. He says that you should be passionate about the things you do and passionate about the things you do not. And what you want to avoid is being just another number. While this might sound like a cliché, its true. I have worked with people who are passionate about something and not passionate about others things. I’ve seen this happen a few times myself.

That simple strategy holds true for more than just marketing. Seth also describes the same thing for sales. Being passionate about the things you do, while possible, is not sufficient. To sell things, you must also be passionate about your customers. And you need to be passionate about what they will buy, because you need to sell them.

Seth Godin’s marketing quote is a great example of this. He says he loves his job because he loves making things. He doesn’t say this because he likes to make things, he says it because he loves making things. He says making things is what he loves to do. This is something that our clients and peers and community and we all love doing. And when it comes to selling things, this is the same.

Our job is to make things and we use what we have to make things that people want. And that is something we love doing.

If you love doing what you do and you love making things, then you’ll naturally want to do all that you can to promote your brand. We’re not talking about your job; we’re talking about your life. The stuff you love to do is what you love to do, and if you do it because you love it, then you’re naturally going to do so to the best of your ability.

We are not selling shit to our customers. We are selling things to our customers. In real life, this is what the customer wants and this is what we do, so we are not in the business of selling shit. We are in the business of making things people want. Selling things to people is a business.

Selling shit, by its very definition, is selling unorganized crap. If you can’t tell me what a product is, what it’s supposed to do, or what it’s not supposed to do, then you can’t sell it to me. We are selling something that people don’t know what it is, and we aren’t in the business of selling shit.


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