leaves, autumn, season @ Pixabay

Looking for more than just a camera, camera’s can be a great tool in your photography. You can use a solid brick of an iPhone or take with you a camera phone to take some pretty cool pictures with. But what if you have a smartphone that also has an app built in? Like the photographer in this story? Well, thanks to Sharon Ventura Photography, we have all the apps you need for that perfect shot. This photo studio is built on the iPhone 6, which can be used for any kind of photography project from taking photos of flowers and people to capturing wedding portraits.

Why do we have to take photos anyway? We take so many photos every day, why not do it better. Take photos of any type of object in a way that makes it appear they are natural, that they aren’t manipulated by someone. Put your camera down, focus on the object itself. Do you think you can actually paint this picture? You don’t even need to apply a paintbrush! You can capture just about any object from the ground up and turn it into a handheld painting device.


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