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If you’re struggling to find a new pair of shoes or a shoe that fits, YouTube channel shoe photography is about to help you out. In this video we are going to show how my family likes to get our new shoes in and what you can do with it. Along with just about any other craft, getting a shoe properly fitting involves a lot of things — including, but not limited to, putting on the right socks, bringing them home from the hardware store, fitting the shoes into your boots, tying them up in some form of way that won’t cause blisters and things like that. The best part is all the people who are great with shoes are also some of the best at creating beautiful instagram images.

While shopping, it’s important to know what you’re looking at. So, here’s some ways to find out. However, if you’re like me and you look for inspiration a lot more often than inspiration, then looking for shoes may be the best place to start. The hotel I work in uses a “prime-time” lens that produces a blurry blimp effect when someone is in position to photograph shoes.

The world of shoes is about to change. You can now see what shoes are made from and how they look. The first thing we have in common with the Internet is that we always search for the next shoe or wear something new. YouTube has a whole channel dedicated to shoes, where people upload photos of their shoes and talk about exactly what they saw the other day. Maybe not that remarkable of a picture, but it’s certainly intriguing.


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