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Today’s day is a special day because the sun will rise, then set and then suddenly rise again around 10am. Sunglasses are one of the things that we wear every day and it’s so easy to forget that there’s a great option for photographers who have solar powered camera equipment. You can buy time extensions or conversion lenses for your camera and lens, but you can purchase other lenses too. The option that I am most excited about is the “Stern Lens” which is a dark star-like lens that you can purchase to use with your DSLR. These are just some of the lenses that are available on the market today. With the addition of these types of lenses it makes your photography experience much richer.

What do you think about the new generation of cameras? A cine camera? A mirrorless camera? What if you can use these cameras to capture amazing images from a great distance and from far away?. How about an entry-level camera that shoots as f/2.


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