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If you’re considering a sims 4 life-style, you should definitely try this career mod. This career mod will take you through a career of photojournalism, and at the end of it all you will be a professional ambassador for the Sims 4! The sims will talk to you about your work and how much you’ve learned from it. You may even get paid for your work! They will even send to school the kid with the most sims who wears their clothes at school…

Hello sims fans, This article is to show you some tips on how to take good shots in sims 4. For your first job in the Sims 4 there are lots of tips in this article so I’m sure it will help you alot. . You can enter a job into this page and also upload a picture of yourself as well for your job to look at. You can also upload any short clips that you want as well. You can either upload photos or videos for your job to look at.


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