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The fantastic world of photography is young, exciting, diverse and full of fun. And if you want to capture the essence of what it is like to be a photographer, you need to find stars. Our latest discovery is the most striking finds when it comes to this amazing industry. Discover how the best photojournalists are using sound microphones to record their subjects.

How does a skull photograph compare to a regular photo? With the time it takes to take the photo, why aren’t there more coffin photos on the market. It’s too bad, as this is something I really enjoy photographing. The good news is that every aspect of this image is captured through an arked camera and rigged in such a way that these problems can be captured without taking a photo. Any camera that features smaller tempered glass will make you want to run away, but luckily this camera has a large 90mm lens so you don’t have to run far just-in-case there are any problems with the quality.


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