It’s not surprising that sports marketing is a popular career choice for people looking to make a quick buck. You may get paid for something that you do once a day, but you’ll do it for a living, as well.

Well, as it turns out, if you are in marketing, you probably don’t have to get a degree in it. It is a highly specialized field that focuses on the marketing of sports, and as such, you’re probably not learning anything new about the game of baseball.

No. Youre not. Its not. Its not like youre not a marketing professional. Youre actually a marketing manager. Youre just not a marketing manager.

As it turns out, a new study by the National Basketball Association found that, in marketing the game of basketball, you do actually need a degree to get a job as a marketing manager. What they found was that, in the case of the majority of the guys who got hired, they werent even getting a degree. They were just in marketing because they knew how to get jobs. As it turns out, that degree in marketing isnt just about the job.


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