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Steer, Kimmy and the rest of the Steer football team are in town for a game against the Houston Texans. While everyone is distracted into thinking about the game, our heroes are able to get back to work and make sure that they better have something to celebrate with. Not only will they have to practice their fundamentals in order to beat the Texans, but they’ll need to do it in style. They’ve been invited by the NFL team as well, who will be joining them on the field. They’ll be helping out their players during the off-season program by making sure that they are taking care of their health right up until the season starts.

I know it can seem really difficult to find a photographer who truly understands the craft of photography and is able to capture a wide variety of styles and backgrounds, but I promise you this is better than the alternative. Steve Perry Photography combines exceptional talent with a humble spirit to give photographers some of the closest photo friends they’ve ever had on any project. He’s been known to turn down requests from photographers who want to get their work on Sundance or AFI Tribute for New Year’s but always puts in the hours at his home to create something that looks great. Features: Steve: It’s true.


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