For those who think that technology is replacing the human need to have a purpose to life, this may be the reason. Technology is making us lazy because we don’t need to do anything; we can just be in the moment and do what we want to do. This allows us to be fully present in the moment and not have the need to check our phones.

Tech is making us lazy because we don’t need to think about our lives. We just check the news and social media and we decide what’s going on. Or you can even say “I’m going to go to bed early” and then wake up late.

You can thank technology for this. A study published in the journal Social Psychology Bulletin found that the more time we spend on a computer, smartphone, or tablet, the less we are likely to actually do anything productive with our time. It’s a similar story for our brains. The more we know about the world, the less we use our brains to think and the more we just go in and do the thing we wanted to do.

What you have to keep in mind when you use technology is that we are often just doing our job a little bit better (or worse) with our time than we were before. Technology makes us lazy statistics. We all know that the more you do something, the more you get done. You get a lot done more often on a computer. But then you wonder why you are still doing it. It’s almost as if we’re just using the computer to get the job done quicker.

The good news is that we are learning to use technology better, not just slower. The bad news is that it’s not just computers that are making us lazy. We are also becoming lazy about looking after our health.

We’re all so busy with our work that we haven’t really thought about how our health is keeping us busy. We’ve just assumed that it’s okay because we’re too busy to give it a second thought. Well, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that our health is actually keeping us busy, and that we are doing it at a higher rate than ever before. This makes you wonder if you could be doing more than you think.

There are hundreds of studies showing us that we are spending more time sitting and less time walking. Studies have also shown time spent sitting to be associated with cardiovascular disease. This makes it seem like just being busy is making us sick. You see, if we sit more and move less, our bodies become more efficient. That means that they burn less calories even though we are less active. We sit less and move more, so our bodies are able to do more work without getting tired.

You have to remember that in the past we were less active but not necessarily more so. Our ancestors used to walk around all day. They didn’t have cars, and they probably didn’t have a lot of work to do. As the world became a more urbanized place, our ancestors started getting more active. The average person walked less than 5 miles a day in the 1800s. That’s a lot of walking.

Technological advances have made us more active (or at least less inactive) but they haven’t made us lazy. We still tend to sit more (as we need more energy to move) and do more work. We still have to move. But we’re still less active.

We like to think of ourselves as lazy, but it’s not that simple. Technology has made us more active and less lazy, it hasn’t made us more or less lazy. The world has become more urbanized and technology has evolved to support that. Our ancestors were active and the world was more urban.


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