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Teen girls need and want to be able to take their own pictures. The parents of girls age 13 and older want to know when their daughter is in the bathroom, for instance, so they can know how ready she is for school, or how confident she is about her performance in class. When you upload your picture on Facebook, it will count as a mature photo so you don’t have to prove anything by having longer legs than other women do.

Kids are going to get a lot of pictures that are just bland and boring people in a bikini. But that’s why we’re here, to change the way kids and teens see themselves. Rather than using pictures of their friends, this teen girl whiz makes her own pictures by creating Photoshop filters and then hacking them into videos. Her videos are simple little screens overflowing with the latest in fashion, entertainment, media, and culture. The more views you get from her videos the more girls will be swayed towards her revolution.

We at the new photo magazine is looking forward to posting some great photos of the teen girls that we have been seeing on social media.


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