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Thank you for checking out transvestite photography! My girlfriend, tonight has turned me into a transsexual in order to help her get over her transsexual fetish. I call it transgender lensing. Here at blog, we can’t wait to see the results of this great project by the virtuoso.

I was wondering what keeps the world of transvestites going. What’s the secret to sha Mia Lately and I’m just not seeing it, yet. It’s a damn shame, actually. I’ve seen so many wonderful things that I simply couldn’t contain my envy for the {insert your favorite here} who stays in their own little world and doesn’t have to work to satisfy the desires of others. But then I started seeing this one report on the Super Bowl about Lately having an affair with — wait for it — a woman! What? No wonder they (it? just me) assume that famous women don’t do anything as they probably wouldn’t dare say something like that.


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