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Typology photography is a form of photography in which a designer or photographer captures images of objects that are derived from, but not an exact copy of, their qualities. Typological photography uses only the qualities of a piece to create an image. The “good” qualities, which are often related to how a piece performs as an object, are passed on to the viewer when the work is viewed in typological context.

Thomas, who is a typological photographer and typologist, introduces us to his collection of photographs that are extremely useful for our lives. “My books are in flux from one person to another. Various heirs or descendants claim my work, a lot of people disagree. The most important thing is that I have shared it with lots of people.” From the reviews: “If you love typology then this book will help transform your ideas into photos.

Typological photography is an art where the photographer captures the person in their natural environment. It explores how their personality, ideas and thoughts are expressed through the body. This can be when you’re at home with your family or at work. My brother uses this technique often and it’s something that I’ve done with my children to express myself. Typological photography is a great way to explore yourself as a human being by taking care of your body, because you are what matters most.

Typological photography is a way of photographing and creating storytelling in a way that is accessible to all. By taking a photo of something, you can create an image that lets the audience see your personality and story behind the picture. We’ve all spent hours trying to figure out the most “interesting” thing in the world, but now you can do it with ease and freedom. Most people have one or two pictures of themselves, and one of those pictures could be their next project. This makes it more interesting for them as well as for anyone else in their lives that has been too busy or careless to take a picture, that doesn’t quite fit their style or mood.


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