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If you are looking for professional, affordable and quality photographs for your wedding then what are you waiting for? The only thing you need to do is get a cheap camera. I have nothing against cheap cameras. They can be used, but they take a lot of time to develop. At VIC and MARIE Photography we are dedicated to delivering the best and most professional images that you could possibly want or need. We use the latest technology to create archival quality photos using advanced color, exposure, sharpness and white balance techniques.

Let’s make it a great day for you. Let’s get out there and capture some amazing images from the 2014 World Cup! Our boyfriend’s team, Vic and Marie Photography, is about to have a super fun day capturing all of the highlights of the World Cup for you! We will be sharing these photos on social media, so you’ll be able to see when we post on Instagram or simply tweet them out! In addition to our photo ops, Vic and Marie will be organizing their own fashion week at this year’s Opening Ceremony.

Looking for a business that not only offers beautiful images, but also offers a warm and friendly atmosphere. Well, the photographer in me is really excited to discover that the studio in which we work is absolutely similar to our studio in Jerusalem. From quality shots of iconic landmarks, to quality shots of our customers and clients, there is something special about this place. If you are looking for an office where your creativity and passion can flourish, head over to vic & marie photography.


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