Waterdrop photography kit is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a simple way to capture amazing water drops in fantastic picture quality. This app can record up to 150 minutes of continuous video and up to 15,000 pictures at up to 1080p/30p resolution from point-and-shoot cameras. The app is also compatible with all digital cameras and some smartphones. The water drop photography kit not only allows you to capture stunning water drops on your photos, but it can record a variety of other kinds of water related effects such as lighting, reflections, and even underwater camera spells.

I’m sure you’ve seen that cute water drop photo on Pinterest. Well, here’s a kit that will let you take your own beautiful water photo with your phone. It even comes with a wide format camera that can capture good-quality photos of yourself or your dog in a variety of situations. It requires no additional tools and only requires six minutes to set up so there’s no need to risk taking pictures while working on other projects. You can get the kit for just $20 from Amazon or from anyone at any time.

My husband(?) gave me this kit for Christmas. Water drop photography kit is a lightweight, portable camera for photographing water drops, miniature tree branches and other water-related images on paper or film. Designed by professional photographers like myself, this camera can capture images up to 6MT.


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