christmas, christmas background, bokeh @ Pixabay

When a new forest landscape is being designed and thought about, there is always the question of how to represent it with words. This visual novel aims to answer that question by giving you a chance to create your own woodland landscapes with your own voice. We’ll have no computer-generated backgrounds, no point and click interface, but instead we’ll use actual woodcuts, which will feature beautiful images of real hedges, branches, and trees that depicts the intent of the author. It’s clear that this book will become more than just a portfolio of polished woodcut images. It could be your new bushmaster or your next teacher’s desk.

We are reaching times when the only way to capture images of the amazing natural habitat in our backyards and parks could be more expensive, time consuming and a waste of money. Luckily, there are many ways to do that: film, digital photography, and even Indoor Photography. One of the methods has been used for a while now and it results in some fantastic photos that you might want to share with friends.


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