Scientists have been experimenting with cloud seeding know-how since the Forties. The cloud-seeding program in the UAE was initiated within the late Nineties, as one of many first Middle Eastern international locations to utilize this technique. In 2005, the UAE launched the UAE Prize for Excellence in Advancing the Science and Practice of Weather Modification in collaboration with the World Meteorological Organization . In 2010, cloud seeding started as a project by climate authorities to create synthetic rain.

The major problem is to justify a massive funding in rainwater administration infrastructure to deal with infrequent rainfall events. Therefore, there’s a important want to research bigg boss 11 11th december 2017 the consequences of urbanization and different elements on floods in Sharjah metropolis. As seen in Figure 10b, land cowl in the residential land use zone significantly changed, from undisturbed soil to buildings.

Ali, M.; Khan, S.J.; Aslam, I.; Khan, Z. Simulation of the impacts of land-use change on surface runoff of Lai Nullah Basin in Islamabad, Pakistan. Schilling, K.E.; Chan, K.-S.; Liu, H.; Zhang, Y.-K. Quantifying the effect of land use land cowl change on rising discharge in the Upper Mississippi River. Choi, J.Y.; Engel, B.A.; Muthukrishnan, S.; Harbor, J. GIS primarily based long run hydrologic influence analysis for watershed urbanization. In Dubai, police registered more than 250 highway accidents by noon, local media reported.

Since 2021, the gadgets have been geared up with a payload of electric-charge emission instruments and customized sensors that fly at low altitudes and ship an electric charge to air molecules. Hygroscopic cloud seeding uses natural salts similar to potassium chloride and sodium chloride that pre-exist in the atmosphere with hygroscopic flares. By introducing Hygroscopic particles, it enhances the pure rain particles which begins a collision-coalescence course of.

The images in Figure 4 provide a visible estimation of enlargement of built areas in the metropolis for the years 1987 and 2014 as proven within the Landsat pictures, Figure 4a,b. As may be seen from Figure 4c and Figure 4d , there was a significant quantity of urbanization over the years in the study area. The manually digitized pictures show that options in some areas weren’t digitized individually but quite, they had been analyzed in blocks. This was due to the fact that the area had large warehouses with little separation between them. The digitization of blocks was also used in blended use and different areas where building densities had been high to simplify the tedious digitization process. The UAE government developed a analysis program known as the UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science in 2015.

Current assets are being depleted and scarcity points are arising. As a end result, the UAE is seeking to cloud seeding technologies to increase water security in addition to renewability to fight water and meals shortage that may come up. • The aerosol materials utilized in cloud seeding tend to be hygroscopic, which means they compete with current aerosol particles for the water droplets in clouds, resulting in larger drops of water condensing on them.

This rapid urbanization changed the land cowl and considerably modified the hydrological traits of the realm (e.g., runoff, infiltration). With increased urbanization, the frequency and severity of native floods in Sharjah have elevated substantially. The increased depth and frequency of floods in Sharjah has prompted metropolis authorities to consider investing in a correct drainage system for town.

In Proceedings of the Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium 2014, Berth, Australia, 24–27 February 2014; pp. 223–230. A range of intensity–duration–frequency data primarily based on IDF curves produced by Sherif et al. are introduced in Table 2. Table 2 shows that the range of precipitation per occasion is virtually less than 100 mm. In this study, the runoff characteristics were evaluated for precipitation occasions of less than a hundred and twenty mm.

According to The National, 870 individuals have been rescued, three,897 had been evacuated, and there were 20 climate warnings between July 23 and July 28, including 70 alerts on social media. On Wednesday weather officers stated July was the wettest month in over three decades. The augmentation of rainfall considers each the ground-based and airborne processes that happen in numerous rain cloud types .