It is celebrated on the final day of the Tamil month of Margazhi. This is broadly known during Makar Sankranti when the solar changes its position from the south to the North hemisphere. According to the English calendar, it falls between January 13-16.

All agricultural and household waste like old mats and broom sticks are thrown into the hearth. Women of the household chant mantra and sing songs of reward of the Gods whereas taking rounds across the holy fireplace. Women wear new garments and ornaments after taking a holy dip on today. Bhogi falls on the first day of the Pongal celebration.

More people ought to take up vegetable gardening and at least grow leafy vegetables at home. I actually have spoken earlier about taking up farming and I wish to be implement it this yr. I plan to take up sustainable agriculture at my farm in Chevella. We should realise that we will do something in our lives and jobs provided that we are healthy. It is that point of the yr when we symbolically burn the old to ring within the new. On the day of Bhogi which is the final day in Dhanurmasam, the marriage of Goda Devi is celebrated in Tirupati Venkateswara Temple and different Vishnu Temples.

First of all, it’s a way of eliminating any agricultural waste. The burning of this waste together with gobar and ghee is said to even purify the air. It’s such a nice method to give thanks for the principle source of livelihood. Bhogi Mantalu or the bonfire is the most important ritual of this present day. It is that this ritual that quite actually makes you throw out the old by burning it. A bonfire is lit spreading warmth and gratefulness all around to mark this new starting.

Cow dung together with other agricultural waste is what can be thought of as old and due to this fact something to let go of before the fresh harvest is obtained. Burning of cow dung and ghee is claimed to purify the house. Which is why a lot of spiritual fires or “yagnas” have these two important components justin bieber hotline prank. Scientifically speaking, burning cow dung has anti-pollution and anti-radiation benefits as nicely. It contains something just like penicillin, identified for its use in curing ailments and also as a disinfectant. In truth, dried and burned cow dung is even used in some medicines and tooth powders.