Editing seems shoddy with abrupt cuts at multiple occasion. The stunt sequence involving Vimal, Soori and Stunt Silva is nicely done. More refreshing is that all the three concerned in this sequence are actively involved in the battle all the time, in distinction to all these movies where one person is at all times passive and on the receiving end of the blows. Vimal reveals enchancment together with his display screen presence and he has grown in leaps and bounds as a dancer. That apart the movie as such presents him little or no scope.

Vemal’s trim makeover is a clincher but he performs second fiddle all via the film. He seems to have enjoyed the much-needed spotlight in Imman’s song sequences which have been filmed properly by DoP P.G.Muthiah. But his picturesque ‘helicam’ pictures have been overdone, one feels. We find out about her career and the ominous task at her hand, through a flashback sequence which works nicely due to the inherent social curiosity angle and Priya Anand’s earnest efficiency. Vishakha Singh’s particular position on this segment shapes the course of the film.

In this brief film era, the youngsters are trying onerous to make an influence in no matter method it is attainable and sweating out to get an entry to the dream city. But, at the same time, K-town produces N number films without any motive and the take the viewers without any consideration. ‘Oru Oorla Rendu Raja’ falls within the latter class and tests the patience of movie goers. Kannan had a terrific debut with ‘Jayamkondan’ and carried the tag of, Maniratnam’s assistant.

Sometimes mistaken or intentional plan by either protagonist or antagonist to make sensible plans and naturally, Vijay himself had been part of comparable movie like ‘Azhagiya Tamizh Magan’. Set in backdrops of Kolkata prison, we see Kathiresan eloping from the bars and make his approach to Chennai. His intentions are easy – insist his pal to create a pretend passport and get settled in Bangkok for some ponneri smart city land acquisition time. Meanwhile, he’s floored by a beautiful lady Ankitha , who he meets throughout his boarding flight and decides to cancel the trip. Eventually on the same night time, he sees someone cruelly shot by strangers and discovers that he is Jeevanandham and is identical in seems. Instantly, he decides to pose as Jeevanandham and get the opposite one in clutches behind jail.

The comedy can be very forgettable but for only a few punches. Vimal and Soori has repeated their template style of films. Soori has played a dominant role whereas Vimal has underplayed his role. He ought to begin trying to return out of his template to explore other areas in acting.