After Uryū distracts an attacking Ichigo, Yhwach rips Mimihagi off of the Soul King. Yhwach explains to Ichigo how his energy allowed him to transfer the Reiatsu nonetheless current in his sword to Ichigo, which his blood reacted to. When Ichigo assaults him, Yhwach effortlessly blocks his sword and factors out how it’s pointless to fight him any further as a outcome of Soul Society shall be destroyed regardless.

The design emphasises flexibility, with lodging for 250 Royal Marines and the flexibility to support them with attack helicopters and troop transports as a lot as and bigger than Chinook measurement. Yhwach tells Ichigo that they are carried out talking as Ichigo costs at him again. Berating Ichigo for charging in so recklessly, Yhwach stifles Ichigo with Reiatsu again as he says that they need to not rush things since Ichigo’s death is inevitable. Yhwach tells Ichigo that it took lots of work to create him and that he should stop making gentle of it, as his talents were never his to begin with, before surrounding Ichigo with his Reiatsu. As Ichigo continues to charge him, Yhwach wonders why he is so eager to die and notes that he will destroy each Soul Society and the Human World if not stopped. When Orihime covers Ichigo along with her Sōten Kisshun, Yhwach points out how she is saying “no” by healing Ichigo and telling him to maintain combating earlier than blasting Ichigo with extra Reiatsu while ordering him to expend all his Reiatsu and die for his allies.

Recognizing this because the work of Mimihagi, the one being whom his eyes can not predict, Yhwach demands to know if the Soul King’s proper hand is beginning to really feel sentimental towards Soul Society after protecting it for all this time. Yhwach attempts to destroy both the Soul King and Mimihagi, but is stopped by Ichigo, who grabs his arm and dispels his attack. Ichigo proclaims he can not merely sit by earlier than blasting Yhwach inside the palace with a Getsuga Tenshō. When Ichigo tells him that he will not do his bidding despite trainchy roll Yhwach’s blood operating in his veins, Yhwach claims that this shall be determined by his eyes alone. Yhwach states that The Almighty isn’t any totally different from Ichigo and Orihime’s powers as a outcome of he can also influence solely what he can see, which is everything of fate. Soon afterward, Ichigo coughs up blood after being attacked by Yhwach, who grabs him by the pinnacle while noting that he anticipated more of a struggle from Ichigo.

However, Ichibē effortlessly shrugs off the spell and explains how his Zanpakutō wields the ability of darkness, which is why Yhwach can’t steal his energy, earlier than overlaying Yhwach’s face in ink. After Uryū knocks Ichigo and the others off the palace, Mimihagi makes an attempt to assault Yhwach, who merely wonders whether it is making an attempt to hinder its personal baby earlier than dispersing it with a strike. Noting that Mimihagi is now far beneath him, Yhwach absorbs Mimihagi through his hand and decides to take everything that once belonged to the Soul King before firing a beam of darkness via the floor of the palace. As his beam strikes the Shakonmaku and spreads a veil of darkness over the Seireitei, Yhwach begins staggering before dissolving into a mass of one-eyed black creatures that begin swarming the Schutzstaffel.

Noting that a combined assault like that is fitting for a racial hybrid like Ichigo, Yhwach grabs and repels the augmented Getsuga Tenshō earlier than proclaiming that Ichigo is out of his league. Ichigo clashes with Yhwach, who particulars Ichigo’s probable prepare of thought before declaring that his window of alternative is gone as he prompts The Almighty, which he admits is the result of him now not being ready to underestimate Ichigo’s energy. Clashing with Yhwach repeatedly, Ichigo attracts his other sword and strikes, only for Yhwach to kind a second sword and repel Ichigo in turn. As Ichigo moves around, his feet are impaled by shadow blades emerging from the locations he lands on, causing him to realize that Yhwach has set up traps.

However, when Orihime’s Sōten Kisshun shatters across the king, Yhwach proclaims that the Soul King won’t ever draw breath again. Noting he does not sense any Reiatsu despite Ichibē releasing his Zanpakutō, Yhwach appears at Ichimonji and tries to determine what is mistaken, prompting Ichibē to ask him if he can’t inform the difference between a pen and a sword earlier than attacking him. As he and Ichibē clash, Yhwach factors out how Ichibē is merely spraying ink everywhere before proclaiming that he’ll simply take again his powers no matter what number of times Ichibē removes them. However, Yhwach falls silent with shock, prompting Ichibē to reveal his sword doesn’t have a name anymore before explaining how anything Ichimonji covers in ink loses its name. When Ichibē asks him if he actually believes he can kill him now, Yhwach holds out his hand and claims he’ll merely steal Ichibē’s powers before using Sankt Altar.