These portions are badly written and the air shortly leaks out of the movie. The music by D Imman is pleasing; the melodious Pidikkudhae is visually gorgeous, while legendary singer K J Yesudas enchants us with his stunning rendition of Anbulla Appa. The BGM too retains the momentum going; however, a few songs are totally out of sync. The legendary singer K.J.Yesudas comes again with this father sentiment music. A soulful rendition that has every little thing in it to turn into massive. With traces of the Carnatic raga Charukesi, Imman gets out of his ordinary string session and comes up with a different sample.

The robberies are led by a bank worker Shiva, assisted by a martial arts teacher Lawrence. Murali first encounters the duo robbing an ATM whereas returning from the pilgrimage and breaks Lawrence’s arm in a combat. The characterization concerned in the movie is pretty good, I should say.

Gaurav’s gritty effort to supply viewers a largely comprehensible and relatable movie deserves applause. The first half of Sigaram Thodu is pretty participating, particularly the twenty minutes before interval. Except for the clichéd romantic scenes between Vikram Prabhu and Monal Gajjar, the primary half has no smirks in any way. There has been a variety of motion pictures on Father-Son bond, the emotional toil they both need to undergo, Sigaram Thodu is one such film which banks on powerful performances from the lead forged.

Simultaneously, we’re launched to the bank card fraudsters, certainly one of whom is played by director Gaurav Narayanan. Not wanting to hurt his father, Murali agrees to attend the officer’s training programme. At the same time he promises Ambujam that he’ll get himself certified medically unfit and the problem might what mean whole uninhabitable be solved. The main crime of this film is around ATM card fraud; surprisingly the pressure from the banks to dig the scam just isn’t shown convincingly. The ATM robbery, behind the scenes the place the planning and execution of the card fraud is quite new when it comes to cinematic expertise, hats off to the director.

I am saying this as a end result of the complete second half has an intriguing investigation half that seemed actually convincing on screen. And such a convincing crime investigation ought to have a wise quantity of drama and exaggeration which I consider was not there in the first half. Murali’s father, Chellappa , is a cop who’s lost a leg within the line of responsibility. Early on, we see him sit down and strap on a man-made limb. [newline]But the music desires us to see what atragedy all of that is.

Dhilip Subbarayan and ‘Billa’ Jagan have taken responsibility for action choreography and kudos to the duo for composing realistic motion sequences. The one-to-one fight situations have been carried out in preserving actuality in mind and the choreography is based on proper martial arts strikes. Editing by Praveen K.L, particularly within the second half keeps the proceedings racy and intact however the first half was only a waste of time, with unwarranted romance & comedy sequences, as nicely as songs. The investigation portions are the highlights of Praveen K.L’s enhancing work. Cinematograhy by Vijay Ulaganath is a little quirky with loads of gimmicks in digicam angles and motion. Some digital camera actions have been somewhat uncommon however it reveals the artistic spark of Vijay Ulaganath.

The element with which Gaurav, who has additionally played an important position in the movie, explains the modus operandi of the robbers, is exemplary. It warns you to be extremely vigilant the next time you stroll into an ATM. The little tear that she sheds evokes Goosebumps and makes you salute the following cop you’ll see. Director Gaurav stresses the position of a retired policeman essayed by Sathyaraj who desires his son to fulfill his lost ambitions. As I said the whole first half of the movie is focusing on the private relationships of our major protagonist. While the characters looked practical and real, the type of sentimental demands they’d sounded too tacky.